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Titles of the Triune God


The Wedge of Truth


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Dolores Press, Inc., is one of the last true Christian bookstores, featuring the Bible teaching of Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D., and her late husband, Dr. Gene Scott, Ph.D., Dolores Press is also your source for inspirational works from such authors as C. H. Spurgeon, A. W. Tozer, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. You will also find Bibles, Bible Reference books, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, and books on the history of the Reformation as well as other classic and historically significant works. Here at Dolores Press, there is no fluff, no self-help books, no romance or suspense novels and no diet books, just the word of God rightly divided.





Reprinted for Dr. Gene Scott 2004

Titles of the Triune God

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