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The Epistle of Jude: A Clarion Call to Contend for the Faith



The Epistle of Jude: A Clarion Call to Contend for the Faithby Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

 “It is difficult in our generation to understand this idea of heresy or heretics because, quite frankly, the church at large has become rather heretical.” 

                                                                                           —Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

The Epistle of Jude is often overlooked because it is one of the shortest books in the Bible.  Yet its author, a half-brother of Jesus Christ, manages in a mere 25 verses to encapsulate one of the major themes of the entire Bible: the danger of apostasy.  Jude sounds a warning against falling away from God, whether through unbelief, pride, or sheer complacency.  In Jude’s day, the immediate danger was from false teachers who had crept into the church bringing heretical doctrine for their own personal gain at the expense of other people’s souls.  This same danger exists in every generation of the church, and it certainly exists today.

Pastor Melissa Scott unfolds the Scriptures through use of the best extant manuscripts along with in-depth word studies and ancient extra-biblical writings.  She explains how Jude’s readers would have understood his writing in their day, and how we can apply Jude’s teachings to our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The Epistle of Jude: A Clarion Call to Contend for the Faith proves how one of the shortest books in the Bible is one of the most useful for the church today.

Hardcover, 295 pages. Item #JUDE-01

ISBN: 978-1-60670-004-4

LIMITED EDITION Dr. Gene Scott 91st Birthday Commemorative Package- An Authentic Bible Leaf printed circa 1600 and Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Dr. Gene Scott and a 2 "Nitro Pill" DVD Set from the early years.


August 14, 2020 would have marked Dr. Gene Scott’s 91st Birthday.

In commemoration of this event and of the Bible teaching of a great man of God,

Dolores Press is offering a special commemorative collection consisting of two DVDs and an original leaf from a 17th-century King James Version Bible!

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The DVDs:

The DVDs are two digitally re-mastered classic messages from Dr. Gene Scott:

“The Names of God: God’s Answer to Life’s Darkness,” message number VF-0002 preached in 1975.

“God’s Cure for Fretting,” message number VF-0271 preached in 1982.

In later years, Dr. Scott referred to these messages as “Nitro Pills,” naming them after the heart medication he had been prescribed for use in an emergency.  He would often say, “These messages are spiritual nitro pills: when you need them, you need them!”

The two DVDs come in a custom case featuring two very rare photos of Dr. Scott.

The Bible Leaf:

This genuine King James Version Bible leaf was printed before 1650!  It was recently uncovered from a cache of leaves that were part of a special celebration of Dr. Scott’s birthday in 1996. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Provenance signed by Dr. Scott.  The leaf comes with an 8-page flyer featuring Historical Notes and a timetable of the transmission of the Bible into English.

This rare leaf comes from a fragmentary Bible, so no complete Bibles were affected in making this leaf available.  It was randomly selected from various books in the King James Bible including the Apocrypha, which was a part of the original King James Version.

This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of History!  The complete collection, including the 2 DVDs and Bible leaf with Historical Notes and Certificate of Authenticity is available in limited quantities: when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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