Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 16


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The word “gospel” means good news, but many traditional churches preach only bad news: they say that God won’t accept us unless we are perfect.  God doesn’t demand perfection; He simply wants us to trust Him!

In this collection of sermons, Dr. Gene Scott clearly explains the difference between perfectionism and normal Christianity.  Learn what the Bible really teaches about the freedom we have in Christ, as Dr. Scott answers such questions as:  How can we start over with God? What is the meaning of salvation, and how does God prepare us to live with Him throughout eternity?  What is the factual basis for the Christian faith, and how is Jesus Christ different from any other founder of a major religion?  What was the apostle Paul’s shocking message that most churches refuse to accept to this very day? 

Dr. Gene Scott takes the most profound Bible truths and communicates them to people right where they live.  The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit series will help you grow in God’s grace as you study along with one of the great Bible teachers of modern times.  Hardcover 312 pages ISBN 978-1-60670-016-7  Item #DGSPUL16