About Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

As the Pastor and Teacher of Faith Center Church in Glendale, California, Pastor Melissa Scott leads a dynamic, global ministry that, since 1976, has broadcast the Gospel message of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day through television, radio and the internet.

An ordained minister, Pastor Melissa Scott became the full-time Pastor of Faith Center in 2005. She was appointed by her late husband, Dr. Gene Scott, to succeed his 30 years of service as Pastor of Faith Center, where he was also the founder of the University Network.

With a mastery of over 25 languages and possessing the world's largest Biblical manuscript collection in private hands, Pastor Scott is unrivaled in her ability to accurately teach the true meaning of God's word. Her unique messages not only focus on profound Biblical concepts, but do so in a way that allows the listener to learn and then apply God's word to their daily life's circumstances.

She is often regarded as a "Pastor's Pastor" and numerous preachers from around the world draw from her wealth of teaching to help them in their study.

Pastor Scott earned her Ph.D. in 2017 and considers Hemingway and Hugo among her favorite authors. She also studies classical music theory and works strategically with educational programs, libraries and correctional facilities. She preaches every Sunday at Faith Center in Glendale, California.