Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 10


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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is considered an impossibility by many in this scientific age. What is the factual proof of the veracity of this historic event that is the foundation of the Christian faith? One thousand years before Christ, a young man is chosen to be king, but then he runs in fear for his life. First he flees to the very camp of his enemies where he pretends to be insane in order to make his escape. Then he flees to a desert cave where a motley band of outcasts make him their captain. Why would God use a man like this to write the psalms that have blessed His people throughout the ages? Grow closer to God through the knowledge of His word by studying under one of the greatest Bible teachers of all time. Dr. Gene Scott's timeless teaching in this 10th volume of The Pulpit series continues to mine the depths of God's word to help men and women live by faith and prepare for eternity. Hardcover - 303 Pages  ISBN: 978-1-60670-009-9