Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 15


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People have been turned off by all kinds of things that are presented as Christianity, but really are not. Christianity has nothing to do with trying to keep a list of rules. And the purpose of the church is not to condemn people. The word “Gospel” means “Good News”! God offers forgiveness, peace, and the power to change your life, all for simply trusting in Him.
In this collection of sermons, Dr. Gene Scott clearly explains such vital topics as: What is faith and what is salvation? How does the Bible define sin, and what is the meaning of repentance? What is the factual evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? What does God really say about giving, and what does He promise to those who put Him first?
Dr. Gene Scott makes the word of God clear and applicable, right where you live. Grow closer in your relationship with God as you study with one of the great Bible teachers of modern times. Hardcover - 315 pages ISBN: 978-1-60670-015-0