Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 18


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How are you supposed to relate to God when your life's circumstances come crashing down on you?  Even if you are following God, you often find yourself bottomed out or in a place of famine.  Why does He allow these things to happen?  Learn what the Bible teaches about how God enters in to your trials to bring forth His likeness in you!

The church at large has long since departed from the original intentions of its Founder, Jesus Christ.  This is especially true regarding the subject of money.  Giving has been abused and caricatured until it has been reduced to a shameful thing to be apologized for; but God intended giving to be an expression of worship.  Learn what the Bible really teaches about what your giving means to Him!

Dr. Gene Scott takes the most profound Bible truths and communicates them to people right where they live.  The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit series will help you grow in God's grace as you study along with one of the great Bible teachers of modern times. Hardcover 307 pages  ISBN 978-1-60670-018-1      Item #DGSPUL18