Martin Luther - 3 Volume Set by Martin Brecht plus Martin Luther: The Great Reformer 2 DVD Set


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Martin Brecht's magnificent three-volume biography is among the most thorough and accurate portrayals of the great reformer. Sold only as a set. Volume 1 - His Road to Reformation recounts Luther’s youth and young adulthood up to the time of the Diet of Worms. Includes early monastic life, his trial in 1519, and the Leipzig debate. 576 pages. Volume 2 - Shaping and Defining the Reformation includes the Peasants’ War and the conflict with Erasmus. Luther was occupied with problems of politics, economy, law, and education. In addition, his own life was altered by his marriage. 546 pages. Volume 3 - The Preservation of the Church describes the final 14 years of Luther’s life, dominated by his concern for the preservation of the church. Includes a study of his private life, his congregation and his professorial lectures. 560 pages. Order a set of these 3 books and receive Pastor Scott's Martin Luther: The Great Reformer 2-DVD set as a bonus!