Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 8


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What makes the Prayer of Nehemiah so radical and jarring to modern ears? How could one man view a miserable pile of rubble as an opportunity to take part in God's plan to redeem the whole world? A beautiful young woman is made queen of one of history's greatest kingdoms. Why did she willingly choose to put her own life in jeopardy to save a disobedient people? Take an amazing and thought-provoking journey through the Bible and discover what it means to be "in God's hand," and learn what we are to do when our natural wants and desires collide with God's purpose for our lives. Travel along with the men and women of God in both the Old and the New Testaments, like Abraham, Joseph, Esther, and the Apostle Peter, and let their lives teach us how God relates to us today. Dr. Gene Scott's teaching continues to mine the richness of God's word, to inspire and give new strength, courage and refreshment to the battle-weary soul. Hardcover - 322 Pages  ISBN: 978-1-60670-888-0