Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 17


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God’s calling is serious business because it has eternal consequences.  The good news is that God doesn’t demand perfection; He wants trust.  Perfection is not possible, but trust is possible! 

In this collection of sermons, Dr. Gene Scott clearly lays out the demands and eternal benefits of God’s calling.  Learn what the Bible really teaches about your relationship with God and what to do when everything seems to be falling apart.  Dr. Scott addresses such vital questions as:  What is faith?  What is God’s purpose for man?  Why does God let bad things happen?  How can you know if you are in the will of God?  What did the apostle Paul conclude was the one indisputable proof that God’s Spirit resides in you? 

Dr. Gene Scott takes the most profound Bible truths and communicates them to people right where they live.  The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit series will help you grow in God’s grace as you study along with one of the great Bible teachers of modern times.   Hardcover  315 pages   ISBN 978-1-60670-017-4      Item #DGSPUL17