Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 4


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A king has to be able to trust the man who pours his wine. So when the powerful Artaxerxes of ancient Persia saw sadness on his cupbearer's face, he was understandably concerned. But for Nehemiah, the king's discovery of the burden he had secretly borne for months set in motion the greatest adventure of his life! Unfold the challenging mission of this underappreciated but determined hero of the Bible with Dr. Gene Scott as he reveals why God chose Nehemiah, and others with unlikely beginnings, to fulfill His purposes, even as He does today. This collection of powerful, stirring messages represents a lifetime of deep study in God's Word from one of the great Bible teachers of all time. Profound and riveting, The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit presents a roadmap for personal growth able to engage any reader. Hardcover - 371 Pages ISBN: 978-1-60670-555-1