Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 6


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He was God's choice to lead a fragmented kingdom, a young man from whom Jesus Himself would descend. This boy does not preside in a palace court surrounded by courtiers, but in a desolate cave surrounded by a motley band unfit for battle. This young man looks more like us than he looks like God, yet he is God's choice. After 70 years of bondage, a nation numbering 650,000 is released to go home. Yet, only a fraction of them chose to return and rebuild. After a four-month trip through the wilderness, they are greeted by sand-blown rubble and enemies on all sides. How were they inspired to stay and rebuild? Who are these people and what relevance do their lives have to us today? The amazing saga of faith continues as Dr. Gene Scott mines the richness of God's word and relates its timeless events to strengthen our faith. The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit presents a roadmap for personal growth able to engage any reader. Hardcover - 335 Pages  ISBN: 978-1-60670-755-5