Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 13



Did you know that the Bible’s definition of being a “saint” has nothing to do with good behavior? God doesn’t want or expect you to be perfect; He wants trust. You might have given up on the traditional church, but you never left God and He never left you. Learn what the Bible really teaches about the freedom we have in Christ, as Dr. Gene Scott answers such questions as: Do we have to change in order for God to love us? What is the meaning of Faith? Was Christ really crucified on “Good Friday,” and can it be proven He rose from the dead? Should Christians keep the Sabbath? What is the Lost Message of the Church? Dr. Scott’s unique teaching style combines biblical scholarship with unforgettable illustrations, making the Bible come alive right where we live. Hardcover - 326 Pages  ISBN: 978-1-60670-013-6

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Perfectionism versus Faith

Chapter 2    The Tabernacle: The Way of Approach to God

Chapter 3    God's Priorities

Chapter 4    The Resurrection: The Fulfillment of God's Set Times

Chapter 5    Our Liberty in Christ

Chapter 6    God Loves Us as We Are

Chapter 7    Live Your Convictions and Preach Christ

Chapter 8    The Saints and the Faithful

Chapter 9    Faith That Endures

Chapter 10   Look Unto Jesus

Chapter 11   Faith Abounding!

Chapter 12   Live Free in Christ

Chapter 13   Christ Revealed in the Feasts

Chapter 14   Obtaining Rest

Chapter 15   The Election of Grace

Chapter 16   Acts of Faith and the Gift of Life

Chapter 17   The Perfect Servant and the Kinsman Redeemer

Chapter 18   The Message of Salvation

Chapter 19   The Lesson of Gideon: Faith Is the Way

Chapter 20   The Christmas Message

Chapter 21   The Lost Message of the Church