The Tabernacle: Christ Revealed in the Old Testament Complete 22-Disc DVD Set



The Complete set of The Tabernacle: Christ Revealed in the Old Testament by Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

Volume 1

The symbolism of everything in the Tabernacle, from its materials to its colors and to its measurements, points to Christ. God made it clear in the Old Testament that there would be a new covenant; the rituals that were performed in the Tabernacle are no longer perpetuated because Christ fulfilled them. Our new dispensation is in His finished work of salvation.

Disc 1: Everything in the Tabernacle Points to Christ
Disc 2: The Ark of the Covenant Represents Christ
Disc 3: The Tabernacle through the Eyes of Christ
Disc 4: Christ Is in the Details of the Tabernacle
Disc 5: The Candlestick in the Tabernacle: God's Testimony of Light
Disc 6: The Purpose of the Golden Altar and Table of Showbread
Disc 7: The Ark and the Mercy Seat: God’s Plan to Dwell with Man
Disc 8: The Meaning of the Silver in the Tabernacle

Volume 2

Everything about the priesthood in the Old Testament pointed to Christ, and even Moses was a type of Christ. The offerings given in the Tabernacle show us how to relate to God. Through the offerings, we see the mind of God and what matters to Him. God made provision for the sins we know about and the sins we do not know about. Only God can forgive our trespasses against Him, and His grace and forgiveness can be seen in both the Old and New Testament.

Disc 1: Why Did God Institute the Priesthood?
Disc 2: The High Priest’s Breastplate: We Are Written on God’s Heart
Disc 3: Moses Is a Type of Christ; Honor Your Father and Mother
Disc 4: The Burnt Offering and Christ's Acceptance of Us
Disc 5: The Meal and Peace Offerings
Disc 6: The Sin Offering: Provision for Our Unintentional Sins
Disc 7: The Trespass Offering: Only God Can Forgive

Volume 3

The ceremonies and celebrations in the Old Testament were fulfilled by Christ. Because of His sacrifice, we are washed and cleansed from all of our sins. He is the firstfruits of the Resurrection, and we are the harvest. When Christ returns, the saints of all ages will be resurrected, and He will dwell among us and reign in Jerusalem. Until that time, we are to stay the course and keep the faith in anticipation of His return.

Disc 1: The Sabbath Was Fulfilled in Christ
Disc 2: The Passover: Old Testament Celebration or New Testament Revelation?
Disc 3: Christ Is the Firstfruits, and We Are the Harvest
Disc 4: The Silver Trumpets Proclaim the Finished Work of Christ
Disc 5: Christ in the Atonement: More Than a Covering
Disc 6: The Feast of Tabernacles: A Picture of God’s Only Son
Disc 7: Christ in Ezekiel's Temple