The Gainsaying of Korah


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In every generation there are those who creep into the church and engage in the gainsaying of Korah: coming against the Word of God. Korah, a close relative to Moses, was unwilling to face Moses directly. Instead he spread his disgruntlements to others, convincing men of renown to outnumber and rise up against the man of God. His perspective was completely warped, his path was marked with egregious lies, and he treated the position he was specially chosen to do as menial and trivial. As a warning to the church in every age, Jude highlights Korah last; a stark reminder that God will judge the rebellious. This is why we are to keep ourselves in the love of God and keep contending for the faith. Jude 1:11. Disc 9 of 17 from the series: The Book of Jude – VF-2146