Giving: The Tithing Principle


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GIVING: The Tithing Principle; God's Way of Letting Us Be Needed. God has no needs, He spoke and created everything. We as human beings have the need to be needed. The Church shouldn't raise money on the basis of need. The last word of the Old Testament is "curse", because the people would not honor God with their tithes and offerings. The New Testament Church gave everything and laid it at the Apostles' feet. The tithe was before the Law, Jesus said regarding the tithe: "This ye ought to have done." The true Great Commisssion, is when Jesus taught on the Alabaster Box. For He said, "Wherever this Gospel is preached, be sure to tell the story of what this woman has done". She gave her best to Christ! Malachi, 1 Corinthians 15, 16. VF-0581 © Copyright 1988