Blessed Men Go Through Valleys: Psalm 84


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Dr. Scott teaches on Basic Christianity: Blessed is the Man in who's heart are the ways of Him; Who passing through the valley make it a well...Valleys of Weeping are part of the trip; The first thing satan is going to do is misquote scripture; There's not one word about the cause of the valley, it's irrelevant Nothing ever changes that state of being blessed, "blessed" is a state of being; We are pilgrims passing through down here, no place on the journey to sit down and say we made it; Much easier to be abased than to abound; Much more spiritual danger in prosperity than poverty; Quit marching back and beating yourself with guilt; Quit blaming yourself; If guile won't kill you, sympathy will; It doesn't matter if you're guilty or innocent, blessed men and women go through. Psalm 84. VF-0567 © Copyright 1988


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