The Tuttle Twins and the Little Pink House


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The Tuttle twins are off to visit Grandma’s quaint, pink house on the banks of the Monongahela river to celebrate Independence Day. There are parades and rope swings, and all the things that make a vacation grand.

But it’s not all fun and games. When a greedy corporation schemes to take over Grandma’s land and push her house into the river, can the twins stop it and come to her rescue? Can you help them?

Should the twins befriend the quirky, secretive editor of the local paper? Go searching for a river monster? Investigate the strange people north of town? Should they go it on their own, or get some new friends involved?

It’s all up to you—the zoning fights, the referendum, the ancient artifacts—and your decisions will guide the twins either to victory or defeat. Can you save the Little Pink House?

By Connor Boyack

Choose Your Consequence Series #2

10 possible endings: 496 pages of content!    ISBN: 978-1-943521-40-1

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