The Tuttle Twins and the Hyperinflation Devastation



It’s the perfect vacation: the Tuttle twins have saved their money, planned things out thoroughly, and are ready to head off to South America to water ski, hike the jungles, and see some of the world’s oldest ruins. What could go wrong?

Nearly everything, as it turns out. But that’s for you to decide.

You’re in the driver seat of the story to determine what the consequences will be. Will you send Ethan and Emily to the ruins, knowing that they are tough, smart, and well-prepared? Or will you keep them in the capital city so they remain connected with the outside world, just in case things go wrong? You make the decisions—and see the consequences unfold.

Along the way, you’ll learn about inflation, community, crypto-currency, and some of the lengths people are willing to go in a Hyperinflation Devastation!

By Connor Boyack

Choose Your Consequence Series #1

5 possible endings: 405 pages of content!  ISBN: 978-1-943521-39-5

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