The Traditions of Men Make Void the Word of God 2 DVD Set



Catholics and Protestants alike have invented traditions that are simply not biblical.  In fact, many traditions are directly opposed to the teachings of Christ.  Catholicism introduced such things as Confession, Penance, and Hierarchy.

The Protestant Reformation sought to bring people back to the pure source of God’s Word, but even Protestants have grafted things onto the church that do not belong there, such as Altar Calls and the Prosperity Doctrine.

The Apostle Paul and the Lord Himself warned us about the traditions of men.  Study the Word and press close to God.  He is the only one who will see us all the way home.

Disc One:  Why I Am Who I Am in Christ  VF-2279  March 7, 2021

Disc Two:  Traditions Make Void the Word of God  VF-2280  March 14, 2021