The Tabernacle: Christ Revealed in the Old Testament Volume 1 (8-Disc DVD Set)



The symbolism of everything in the Tabernacle, from its materials to its colors and to its measurements, points to Christ. God made it clear in the Old Testament that there would be a new covenant; the rituals that were performed in the Tabernacle are no longer perpetuated because Christ fulfilled them. Our new dispensation is in His finished work of salvation.

Disc 1: Everything in the Tabernacle Points to Christ
Disc 2: The Ark of the Covenant Represents Christ
Disc 3: The Tabernacle through the Eyes of Christ
Disc 4: Christ Is in the Details of the Tabernacle
Disc 5: The Candlestick in the Tabernacle: God's Testimony of Light
Disc 6: The Purpose of the Golden Altar and Table of Showbread
Disc 7: The Ark and the Mercy Seat: God’s Plan to Dwell with Man
Disc 8: The Meaning of the Silver in the Tabernacle