Person of the Holy Spirit Series 20 DVD Set


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Person of the Holy Spirit Series Teaching - The complete set of 20 individual DVDs purchased together at a deep discount.

DVDs also sold separately, please click on the VF# below:

VF-2119 Keep on Walking in The Spirit

VF-2118 Spiritual Maturity vs. Spiritual Infancy

VF-2117 The Word of God Endures Forever

VF-2116 The Antidote for Weary Warriors

VF-2114 The Help of The Holy Spirit: You Are Not Alone

VF-2113 Wielding the Sword of the Spirit

VF-2112 A Warning to the Saints: Grieve not the Spirit

VF-2111 "By My Spirit…" God's Equipment for Service

VF-2110 Elihu: God's Message through His Messenger

VF-2109 The Character and Personality of the Holy Spirit

VF-2108 Agape: The Expression of the Holy Spirit

VF-2107 The Mark of Discipleship: Love to One Another

VF-2106 Love and Unity in the Diversity of Spiritual Gifts

VF-2105 He Will Pour Out His Spirit on All Flesh

VF-2104 The Unifying Force Through the Holy Spirit

VF-2103 Demystifying the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

VF-2102 The Foundation of the Baptisms

VF-2101 Revelation and Reception: The Activity of the Holy Spirit

VF-2100 Arrabon: Sealed by the Spirit of God

VF-2099 Our Sonship and the Leading of the Spirit