Micah: A Minor Prophet with a Major Message 10-Disc DVD Set



The prophecies of Micah were addressed to a nation consumed with idolatry and false worship. These were not only a problem of the past, but have been a problem since the beginning of time. They are reflective of the moral, social, and spiritual decline that we are seeing in society today. As believers, we should look at these prophecies in light of today's society and where we're at as a people.

Disc 1   An Introduction to the Prophecies of Micah

Disc 2   Idolatry and the Prophecies of Micah

Disc 3   Micah: Setting People Straight with bonus Mother's Day message by Dr. Gene Scott: God Couldn't Be Everywhere? So He Made Mothers!

Disc 4   God Will Establish His Kingdom on Earth

Disc 5   Micah: God Has a Plan for the Future

Disc 6   Yahweh vs. the People

Disc 7   Crime and Punishment

Disc 8   God Will Not Abandon His People

Disc 9   The Fatherhood of God

Disc 10   God Is True to His Word