Martin Luther: The Great Reformer 2-DVD Set



Pastor Scott's teaching on the life of Martin Luther is a reminder of why we are Protestants. God used him to turn the world upside down and reform the church by bringing it back to a foundation based upon God's Word and not the traditions of man. When our liberty in Christ is threatened, we are to be courageous and stand for Him. Today reformation is needed again. Jesus is still calling to men and women of faith who will stand for His Word despite the circumstances.

Disc One:

Martin Luther: Courage to Stand for Christ  VF-1947

Disc Two:

Take a Stand for the Word of God  VF-1977

Included on Disc two:

Martin Luther 1520 Exhibit Tour

Explore the "Martin Luther 1520" exhibit at Faith Center in Glendale, California. A brief overview is given of the events, the documents, and the people surrounding Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.