Hebrews 6:12: Our Responsibilities


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Dr. Scott teaches from Hebrews: Our Responsibilities. Hebrews 6. LF-0044 © Copyright 1976

The "Circle of Psychology" has three elements to our Nature: the Emotive side (what I Want to do), the Judicial side (what I Ought to do), and the Executive side (what I Will to do).  The subconscious emotive side (what I Want to do) of our nature drives us according to the "pleasure principle". The judicial side (what I Ought to do) is formed by outside forces where we are influenced from society about what is accepted behavior. The executive side (what I Will to do) acts out certain emotive  subconscious wants that have passed inspection through our judicial side, and those acts are what others see us do... "What I Did."

The "Circle of Psychology" teaching from Dr. Scott is a Classic!