The Law and Freedom Set


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This series of classics is a must-read for all citizens  who recognize that their rights are God-given!

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Bastiat discusses: What is law? Why socialism constitutes legal plunder, and what is the vicious circle of socialism? What is the proper function of the law?

The Right and Wrong of Compulsion of the State by Auberon Herbert

Herbert calls upon us to renounce “the exercise of power by some men over others”. He is quoted as saying, "Our society is sick, infected with a glorification of force and a reliance upon coercive means to navigate through an uncertain future." 

Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau explains that government of any sort – including democracy – does not possess more wisdom or justice than its individual citizens. Civil Disobedience is a call to action for all citizens to refuse to participate in, or encourage in any way, an unjust institution; it is a call for every citizen to value his conscience above his government.