Introduction to Communion


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Introduction to Communion

Dr. Gene Scott Unfolds the Meaning of the Lord’s Supper

The Communion, often called “the Table of the Lord,” is an enigma to many people.  For some, it may seem like a highly ritualistic event, thanks to the shrouding in mystery the Table of the Lord has received through the centuries.  The tragic result is that a practice which Jesus intended to be a simple act of Remembrance and Faith has become neither simple nor faith-inspiring, and has been removed from the hands of those for whom it was intended: the ordinary man or woman seeking a closer relationship with God.

Dr. Gene Scott made it his personal crusade to restore what was lost by the traditions of men: a daily “communion” with the Lord, which is the birthright of every Christian.  Each chapter in this book is a complete Communion service comprised of a Bible lesson that concludes with the partaking of the Communion elements.  Introduction to Communion will help you to gain a richer understanding of God’s wondrous grace. Softcover, 87 pages. Item #ITC

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