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Heaven & Hell - This teaching series is currently in progress. You can buy individual DVDs or all 30 messages on DVD published to date.
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VF-2211 An Introduction to the Subject of Heaven and Hell #1
VF-2212 Seek Diligently Those Things Which Are Above #2
VF-2213 God's Intent and Purpose in Creation #3
VF-2214 Born in Adam, but Not Doomed " #4
VF-2215 Painting a Clearer Picture of Heaven #5
VF-2216 The Hope We Have in Christ Eternally #6
VF-2217 Examining the Doctrine of Purgatory #7
VF-2218 Insight Beyond the Grave #8
VF-2219 The Parable of the Sower: Receiving the Word of God #9
VF-2220 The Wheat and the Tares: A Difference in Destiny #10
VF-2221 The Sheep and the Goats: Christ Does the Separating #11
VF-2222 Seek First His Kingdom #12
VF-2223 How the "Out-Called-Ones" Make It In #13
VF-2224 God Will Not Fill Us Up Until We Are Empty #14
VF-2225 Gehenna and Hades: Understanding Hell #15
VF-2227 When Hell Came to Earth #16
VF-2229 Why Does the Earth Need to Be Redeemed? #17
VF-2230 The Resurrection and the Concept of Continuity #18
VF-2231 Paul: The Most Compelling Eyewitness to Jesus #19
VF-2232 Take a Hardcore Look at the Resurrection #20
VF-2233 Confidence in the Knowledge of the Resurrection #21
VF-2234 God's Promise: You Will Be Changed #22
VF-2235 The Judgment Seat of Christ: Account of Your Stewardship #23
VF-2236 God's Judgment for Those Who Won't Listen #24
VF-2237 The Wrath of God and the Love of God #25
VF-2238 At the Judgment, Where Will You Be? #26
VF-2239 The New Jerusalem: Land of the Redeemed #27
VF-2240 Ezekiel's Temple: Eight Missing Items #28
VF-2241 New Jerusalem: A Place of No More Curse #29
VF-2242 How You Make It to Heaven #30