God's Hand in History Volume 3 (9-Disc DVD Set)



Who were the Vikings and the White Huns? Where did the tribes of Zebulun, Ephraim, and Manasseh end up? What became of the tribe of Judah? When we examine history, we can see God's hand in it. The line of Judah was blessed with the right to rule and to give laws, and God promised that the seed of David would always rule somewhere. Who is now sitting on the throne of David? God was preparing people in different lands, and these people would eventually be the ones to receive the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Message Titles:

Disc 1: The Tribe of Naphtali and the White Huns
Disc 2: The Tribe of Zebulun: Pilgrims, Patriots & Prophecy
Disc 3: The Birthright Tribes: Ephraim, the Bull, and the United Kingdom
Disc 4: Ephraim and Manasseh: A Nation and a Company of Nations
Disc 5: Manasseh: In God We Trust
Disc 6: Who Belongs to Judah?
Disc 7: Jeremiah in Ireland: Not Who You Think
Disc 8: Ollam Fodhla, Jeremiah, and Jacob’s Pillar: Setting the Record Straight
Disc 9: Judah, Benjamin, and the Levites