God's Hand in History Volume 2 (9-Disc DVD Set)



Where did the tribes of Dan, Reuben, Gad, and Asher go? If we examine the biblical and historical records, DNA evidence, and mythology, there are enough "breadcrumbs" to follow the tribes of Israel all over the globe. Through archaeology and genetics, we can see when the Lost Tribes came to Ireland, and we are able to discern fact from legend. A timeline of the European tribes in modern history allows us to see their connection to the House of Israel. These lands that were settled by the Lost Tribes will later play a crucial role in the spread of the gospel, as well as the propagation of the uncorrupted message in the last days.

Message Titles:

Disc 1: The Philistine Connection to the Tribe of Dan
Disc 2: Setting the Foundation for Dan
Disc 3: Tracing the Trail of Dan
Disc 4: A Timeline of the Tribes in Europe
Disc 5: The History of Ireland: Fact vs. Legend
Disc 6: Lost Tribes Review: What Does It Mean to Be Jewish?
Disc 7: The Tribe of Reuben and the Origin of France
Disc 8: The Tribe and Clans of Gad
Disc 9: The Tribe of Asher aka the Vandals