God's Hand in History Volume 1 (9-Disc DVD Set)



God promised Abraham that his seed would be as numerous as the stars and the sand, and a careful examination of history shows this to be true. When God led the children of Israel into the Promised Land, He told them to drive out the enemies that dwelt there; but they failed to do so. The enemies turned the heart of God's people away from Him, so God scattered His people to distant lands. But God promised that He would not utterly destroy them nor cut them off completely. There is ample archaeological and genetic evidence to confirm what became of the tribes of Israel. As we trace the history of God’s people, we find that God is faithful to His word.

Message Titles:

Disc 1: The Exodus: God’s Hand in History
Disc 2: Establishing Terminology in the Table of Nations
Disc 3: Tracing the History of God’s People
Disc 4: The Birthright and the Promises to Abraham’s Seed
Disc 5: You Are Strangers and Pilgrims; The Land is Mine
Disc 6: The Assyrian Deportation of the Northern Kingdom
Disc 7: India’s Connection to the Lost House of Israel
Disc 8: An Introduction to the Tribe of Dan
Disc 9: The Phoenicians’ Influence on the Tribe of Dan