Failure, Restoration, and Getting Real with God 2-Disc DVD Set


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When we read the Bible, we learn not only about God but also about ourselves.  We can relate to the apostle Peter, because he had so many human flaws.  Peter neglected prayer, followed from afar, and ended up denying his Lord.  The problem is we all tend to revert to type when we don’t keep a close connection with God.  But Peter was not only restored, he got to preach the sermon that birthed the church on the day of Pentecost!  How did Peter find his way back?  And what are we supposed to do when we know we have failed God?

In commemoration of Pastor Melissa Scott’s 18th Anniversary, this two-DVD set contains her sermon “What You Do With Your Failure Matters to God,” along with the late Dr. Gene Scott’s classic message “Peter’s Failure and Restoration,” preached in 1979.

Disc 1: Peter’s Failure and Restoration VF-166

Disc 2: What You Do With Your Failure Matters to God VF-2379