Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit Volume 1


Collections: Fear and Courage, Healing & Communion, Mothers, Resurrection

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What is the inner court ministry? Or the potter's house? Where is Lodebar? And the River of God? Begin a journey of faith with Dr. Gene Scott as he raises, and answers, these and many other questions from the pages of the Bible! This collection of powerful, stirring messages represents a lifetime of deep study in God's Word from one of the great Bible teachers of all time. Profound and riveting, The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit presents a roadmap for personal growth able to engage any reader. Hardcover-390 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-60670-070-9

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    The Last Word from Peter, Paul, and John

Chapter 2    The Potter's House

Chapter 3    The Inner Court Ministry

Chapter 4    Nothing Less than 100 Percent

Chapter 5    The Names of God: God's Answer to Life's Darkness

Chapter 6    Genuine Spirituality

Chapter 7    A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break

Chapter 8    Lodebar: A Place of No Pastures

Chapter 9    The Tabernacle: Let Us Go On

Chapter 10   Ezekiel: In God's Will

Chapter 11   Jacob: You Are Going to Settle It with God

Chapter 12   River of God

Chapter 13   Elisha: The Path to Power from God

Chapter 14   Blessed Men Go through Valleys of Weeping

Chapter 15   Tough Shoes for a Tough Trip

Chapter 16   Rejoice in the Lord

Chapter 17   The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Chapter 18   Be of Good Courage

Chapter 19   Healing: It Is God's Nature

Chapter 20   As a Mother Comforts

Chapter 21   Lift Up Now Thine Eyes