Dr. Gene Scott Commemorative 10-Disc Set August 2021


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This collection contains all ten DVDs from the 2-Disc commemorative sets released in August of 2021! From "Call Upon the Names of God" to "The Battle Is the Lord's", you can get these messages at a reduced price by purchasing the whole set! Get it now while supplies last! You don't want to miss out on this one!

Call Upon the Names of God

In our times of trouble, we can call upon the name of God for help. This 2-disc set is designed to help you learn the names of God and how to apply them in your affliction. 

Disc 1: Hebrews: I Will Declare Thy Name - February 22, 1976  LF-0009

Jesus came declaring the names of God, demonstrating in the flesh what God is willing to be for His people.  Our job, as His witnesses, is to declare His name to an on-looking world.  

Disc 2: The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower - January 7, 1990  VF-0672

As valleys of weeping are part of the trip, so are interludes of darkness.  The Names of God have their specific application to circumstances that afflict the believer. 

Biblical and Historical Jesus

Who is Jesus? Who is the Church? What does history say about Him? In this 2-disc set learn about the biblical and historical Jesus and determine for yourself; are they one in the same? 

Disc 1: Jesus and His Church: Reaching Our Full Destiny in Him - March 14, 1976  LF-0012

Jesus was above it all with the Father in heaven but He, in love, reached down and clothed Himself with the same flesh and blood that humankind wears so that through death He might destroy the devil, who now no longer has the power of death, hell, and the grave.

Disc 2: The Resurrection: The Only Jesus in Legitimate History - April 4, 1999  VF-1154

Contrary to the claims of those in the academic frame who say Jesus was merely a good and wise teacher, the only Jesus we have record of went around making outrageous claims about Himself.  We must assume certain facts in order to even talk about whether or not He arose.  All the theories proposed to explain the preaching of the Resurrection boil down to either the disciples being liars or honest witnesses.

Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God

In this 2-disc set you'll learn that God's message was, is, and will always be Faith.  There is no other way in God's Plan

Disc 1: Jephthah: I Have Opened My Mouth unto the Lord - June 4, 1978 LF-0099

Jephthah made a vow that he would dedicate the first thing that came forth from the doors of his house if the Lord provided a victory over the children of Ammon.  The Lord provided the victory and Jephthah kept his vow.  The message of Jephthah in a nutshell is this:  In order to get God's approval, faith has the inbuilt attributes of sacrifice and integrity.  Jephthah made sacrifice and integrity synonymous with faith.  

Disc 2: Keep A Grip, Look Unto Jesus - July 1, 1984  VF-0385

Using the individuals addressed in Hebrews chapter 11, Dr. Scott preaches that faith in God is the only way. In chapter twelve, their besetting sin is quitting, and that comes by not faithing.

Inner and Outer Court Ministry

In this 2-disc set you'll learn about the service of the Levitical priests in the Tabernacle, contrasted against the infinitely more important and glorious inner court ministry to the Lord, Himself.

Disc 1: The Tabernacle: The Holy Place Services  September 11, 1977  LF-0074

The Levitical priests went in and out of the Tabernacle Holy Place continually and serviced its three pieces of furniture.  The filling of the Candlestick oil symbolized us being filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Altar of Incense symbolized our giving of praise to God each day.  The Table of Shewbread symbolized our weekly giving to God out of gratitude for His provision and grace.   

Disc 2: The Inner Court Ministry  July 10, 1977  VF-0060

The outer court ministry is any kind of ministry leading men to God.  The inner court ministry is worship and prayer to God.  Both are necessary, but God wants the inner court ministry to be prior.

The Battle Is the Lord's

In all of the battles of the Bible, the important lesson to learn is: The Battle is the Lord's.  In this 2-disc set learn how God will win your battles and protect you for your faith.

Disc 1: Gideon: Whom the Lord Calls, He Enables  May 21, 1978  LF-0097

This teaching on Gideon, shows how God will work His will through faulty and frail humans. Dr. Scott emphasizes that God's written record of the past is pertinent for us today.    Hebrews 11; Judges 6, 7  

Disc 2: We are God's Hidden Ones  May 4, 1980  VF-0185

Psalm 83:3 ~ They have taken crafty counsel against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones.

If you, as the threats come, and as the storm clouds gather, and as the rain comes down, if you can stare all that in the face and say, "God's Word says I am being hid", then you have grabbed hold of the essence of faith.  Psalm 83:3