Dr. Gene Scott - August 2021 "Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God" 2-DVD Commemorative Set



In this 2-disc set you'll learn that God's message was, is, and will always be Faith.  There is no other way in God's Plan

Disc 1: Jephthah: I Have Opened My Mouth unto the Lord - June 4, 1978 LF-0099

Jephthah made a vow that he would dedicate the first thing that came forth from the doors of his house if the Lord provided a victory over the children of Ammon.  The Lord provided the victory and Jephthah kept his vow.  The message of Jephthah in a nutshell is this:  In order to get God's approval, faith has the inbuilt attributes of sacrifice and integrity.  Jephthah made sacrifice and integrity synonymous with faith.  

Disc 2: Keep A Grip, Look Unto Jesus - July 1, 1984  VF-0385

Using the individuals addressed in Hebrews chapter 11, Dr. Scott preaches that faith in God is the only way. In chapter twelve, their besetting sin is quitting, and that comes by not faithing.