Dr. Gene Scott - August 2021 "Inner and Outer Court Ministry" 2-DVD Commemorative Set



In this 2-disc set you'll learn about the service of the Levitical priests in the Tabernacle, contrasted against the infinitely more important and glorious inner court ministry to the Lord, Himself.

Disc 1: The Tabernacle: The Holy Place Services  September 11, 1977  LF-0074

The Levitical priests went in and out of the Tabernacle Holy Place continually and serviced its three pieces of furniture.  The filling of the Candlestick oil symbolized us being filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Altar of Incense symbolized our giving of praise to God each day.  The Table of Shewbread symbolized our weekly giving to God out of gratitude for His provision and grace.   

Disc 2: The Inner Court Ministry  July 10, 1977  VF-0060

The outer court ministry is any kind of ministry leading men to God.  The inner court ministry is worship and prayer to God.  Both are necessary, but God wants the inner court ministry to be prior.