Dr. Gene Scott - August 2021 "Call Upon the Names of God" 2-DVD Commemorative Set



In our times of trouble, we can call upon the name of God for help. This 2-disc set is designed to help you learn the names of God and how to apply them in your affliction. 

Disc 1: Hebrews: I Will Declare Thy Name - February 22, 1976  LF-0009

Jesus came declaring the names of God, demonstrating in the flesh what God is willing to be for His people.  Our job, as His witnesses, is to declare His name to an on-looking world.  

Disc 2: The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower - January 7, 1990  VF-0672

As valleys of weeping are part of the trip, so are interludes of darkness.  The Names of God have their specific application to circumstances that afflict the believer.