Dr. Gene Scott - August 2021 "Biblical and Historical Jesus" 2-DVD Commemorative Set



Who is Jesus? Who is the Church? What does history say about Him? In this 2-disc set learn about the biblical and historical Jesus and determine for yourself; are they one in the same? 

Disc 1: Jesus and His Church: Reaching Our Full Destiny in Him - March 14, 1976  LF-0012

Jesus was above it all with the Father in heaven but He, in love, reached down and clothed Himself with the same flesh and blood that humankind wears so that through death He might destroy the devil, who now no longer has the power of death, hell, and the grave.

Disc 2: The Resurrection: The Only Jesus in Legitimate History - April 4, 1999  VF-1154

Contrary to the claims of those in the academic frame who say Jesus was merely a good and wise teacher, the only Jesus we have record of went around making outrageous claims about Himself.  We must assume certain facts in order to even talk about whether or not He arose.  All the theories proposed to explain the preaching of the Resurrection boil down to either the disciples being liars or honest witnesses.