Dimensions of Christ's Work at the Cross 12 DVD Set



Dimensions of Christ's Work at the Cross - The complete set of 12 individual DVDs - when purchased together you not only receive a deep discount but also a beautiful customized binder, perfect for keeping all of your DVDs organized.

DVDs also sold separately, please click on the VF# below.


VF-2168 Whole in God's Presence

VF-2167 Reconciled Through Christ

VF-2166 Justified Before God at the Cross

VF-2165 The Cross Is the Focal Point of Christianity

VF-2164 Galatians: Crucified with Christ, Liberty at Last

VF-2163 The Control of Christ through the Gospel of John

VF-2162 The Compassion of Christ through Luke

VF-2161 Christ's Fulfillment of Scripture in Matthew

VF-2160 Psalm 22: A Type of Christ's Work at the Cross

VF-2159 Atonement: Made Complete by the Blood of Christ

VF-2158 With God's Purpose Comes His Word of Promise

VF-2157 The Lord's Passover: God's Ultimate Revelation in Christ