Did the Apostle Paul Visit Britain?


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By R. W. Morgan, with introductory comments by Dr. Gene Scott. 128 pages

If Paul Did Visit Britain, So What?, by Dr. Gene Scott, Ph.D. (from inside back cover)

"The traditions most of us have been taught are wrong! Britain was the primary and pre-eminent church of the gentile world of the first century; it had the first church above ground among the gentiles, the first Christian nation (gentile or Jew), its King of Siluria (Carodoc) formed the household of the first gentile church in Rome (Rom 16; II Tim 4) and a descendant of its Kings, "Constantine" christianized the Roman Empire: Can God's chosen apostle to the gentiles fail to touch such a fountainhead of gentile conversion?  The answer must be no! So what a testimony to God's Control is this ministry and jurisdiction by Paul over Britain..."

This comprehensive introduction into the study of "The Lost Tribes of Israel" further demonstrates God's faithfulness to His Word and His complete control over history!