Colossians Chapter 4 DVD Collection



Colossians Chapter 4: The complete collection of 7 DVDs from Pastor Melissa Scott's series on Colossians Chapter 4. Below is what is included in this DVD collection.

These DVDs are also sold individually. Click on the VF# to view the individual DVD:

VF-2317    Continue in Prayer: The Prayers of the Patriarchs
VF-2318    Continue in Prayer: Praying to the Father
VF-2319    Continue in Prayer: Praying to the Father through the Son
VF-2320    Continue in Prayer: Praying in the Holy Spirit
VF-2321    Called to the Opportunity of a Lifetime
VF-2322    Take Heed to the Ministry; Fulfill Your Calling
VF-2323    The Importance of Paul to Christianity