Colossians Chapter 3 DVD Collection



Colossians Chapter 3: The complete collection of 21 DVDs from Pastor Melissa Scott's series on Colossians Chapter 3. Below is what is included in this DVD collection.

These DVDs are also sold individually. Click on the VF# to view the individual DVD:

VF-2296 Identification with Christ

VF-2297 Mortify Therefore Your Members

VF-2298 What Brings On the Wrath of God?

VF-2299 The Miracle of Christianity: Transformation by Faith

VF-2300 Being Renewed in the Knowledge of God

VF-2301 Chosen, Set Apart, and Loved

VF-2302 The Biblical Concept of Forgiveness

VF-2303 The Love that Tethers Us to God

VF-2304 Let the Peace of God Rule in Your Heart

VF-2305 Giving Thanks to God: The Hallmark of the Regenerate Mind

VF-2306 The Indwelling Word of Christ Completes Us

VF-2307 Music Is an Integral Part of Worship

VF-2308 Music Steeped in the Word Has Transforming Power

VF-2309 Exercise the Authority in Jesus’ Name

VF-2310 God Never Ordained Slavery

VF-2311 We Are Servants of the Living God

VF-2312 The Honor of Slavery to Christ

VF-2313 Help Meet: God-Given Gender Roles

VF-2314 God's Ordained Plan for the Family Life

VF-2315 Instruction and Comfort to the Christian Household

VF-2316 Do What You Do Unto the Lord