Colossians Chapter 2 DVD Collection



Colossians Chapter 2: The complete collection of 19 DVDs from Pastor Melissa Scott's series on Colossians Chapter 2. Below is what is included in this DVD collection.

These DVDs are also sold individually. Click on the VF# to view the individual DVD:

VF-2276    Christian Unity: Knit Together in God’s Love
VF-2277    Stay in the Word, Lest Any Man Beguile You
VF-2278    Under New Management    
VF-2279    Why I Am Who I Am in Christ
VF-2280    Traditions Make Void the Word of God
VF-2281    Christ Is the Epicenter of Our Faith
VF-2282    Christ Set Us Free
VF-2284    Authentic Christianity Is Focused on Christ
VF-2285    I Am Forgiven
VF-2286    Christ: Offering, Offerer, and Priest
VF-2287    The Symbolism of the Meat Offering
VF-2288    The Peace Offering: Our Communion and Fellowship with God
VF-2289    The Sin and Trespass Offerings Point to Christ
VF-2290    Our Spiritual Foes Disarmed at the Cross
VF-2291    Let No Man Judge You, You Are Free in Christ
VF-2292    The Sabbath Day Was Nailed to the Cross
VF-2293    Sabbathing: From Creation to Christianity
VF-2294    Let No One Rob You of Your Reward
VF-2295    Let No One Dogmatize You