Colossians Chapter 1 DVD Collection



Colossians Chapter 1: The complete collection of 22 DVDs from Pastor Melissa Scott's series on Colossians Chapter 1. Below is what is included in this DVD collection.

These DVDs are also sold individually. Click on the VF# to view the individual DVD:

VF-2254    The History and Background of Colossians
VF-2255    Saints, Faithful and Brethren in Christ
VF-2256    What It Means to Be in Christ
VF-2257    Paul’s Chiasmus of Thanksgiving and Prayer
VF-2258    The Truth Contained in the Gospel
VF-2259    The Will of God
VF-2260    Thank God He Qualified Us
VF-2261    Rescued Out of Darkness
VF-2262    We Are Citizens of His Kingdom
VF-2263    Christ Paid Our Ransom
VF-2264    Christ Is the Icon of the Invisible God
VF-2265    Jesus Is the Firstborn of All Creation
VF-2266    God Has a Plan for His Creation
VF-2267    The Point and Purpose of Angels
VF-2268    Unseen Powers: Two Forces at Work
VF-2269    The Taxonomy of the Church: Christ Is the Head
VF-2270    The Church's Reason for Being
VF-2271    The Fullness of God Dwells in Christ
VF-2272    God Reconciled All Things to Himself
VF-2273    Reconciliation and Presentation Hang on “If”
VF-2274    Paul: Made a Minister by God
VF-2275    The Mystery of Salvation in Christ