Beginnings and Endings in the Old and New Testaments (DVD)


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The reason for being of the church is to bring to realization a “Giving to God” community.  But, instead, the general church community has turned Genesis 1:1 from, “In the beginning God” to “In the beginning me” where God has to be sold to us and reasons have to be given to justify giving to Him.  The Old Testament ends with a curse from God for robbing Him of tithes and offerings.  The New Testament ends with grace from our Lord Christ Jesus; in between, we are to learn to trust God by giving to Him. God gave His Son and His Son who gave His perfect life so that we may rule and reign with Him throughout eternity. Genesis 1; Malachi 3, 4; 2 Corinthians 8; Revelation 22. VF-0618. © Copyright 1988