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From the Aramaic Bible Society : An English translation of the Old Testament, ancient Syriac Peshitta by Dr. George M. Lamsa. Volume One : Genesis - II Chronicles (Volume One includes a forward by Dr. Gene Scott, Ph.D.) Volume Two : Ezra - Malachi

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Scott's forward to Volume One:

"I first met George M. Lamsa almost 40 years ago.  He left an instant impression which I have never forgotten.  Like the Apostle Paul he radiated a commitment to a 'calling' and like Paul, he intended to finish his course."

Dr. Scott describes how this work was a passion of Dr. Lamsa's, to make the Christian world aware of the importance of the Aramaic, particularly the Syriac dialect, to the earliest New Testament writings.

"Jesus and his Disciples spoke Galilean (Syriac); Paul's ministry began in Syria (Damascus).  Each of Paul's missionary journeys began at Antioch in Syria -- and returned there.  The first Christian City Kingdom was Edessa (Syriac), and the first harmony of the Gospel by Tatian was in Syriac. All this is well known by scholars, but most of the western Christian world has remained ignorant of this crucial Syriac role."

This outstanding work is a necessary addition to your library, whether a pastor or layperson.  Everyone should desire a greater knowledge of the original biblical languages: Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.