A Warning to the Church: Return to the Word of God 5-Disc DVD Set



Most people do not live anticipating the Lord’s return, but God is preparing once more to mete out judgment upon the earth. This is a warning, not for those who trust in the Lord Jesus, but for those who think there is no hurry or that the church’s message of salvation is silliness.  Now is the time to realign with the principles and preaching that propelled America to greatness.

As Christians, we are drawn together by a common bond: the blood of Jesus Christ and His finished work, not our gender, skin color, or anything else. All are welcome in church, but we do not get to dictate the terms under which we come to God. Feed your soul with the word of God to strengthen yourself, so you can stand as a pillar of faith, unmoved and unshaken by whatever happens on this sinful old planet.

Disc 1: This Message is a Warning

Disc 2: Flee, Follow and Fight: God Will Bring the Victory

Disc 3: What Has Happened to the Church in America?

Disc 4: ALL Are Welcome, but Leave Your Baggage at the Door

Disc 5: God Has Made Provision for All His Children