12th Anniversary Set


Collections: Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Scott Limited Edition Specials

Product type: DVD

Vendor: Dolores Press



For twelve years, PASTOR MELISSA SCOTT has served as a faithful under-shepherd and minister of Christ to her local congregation and worldwide from Faith Center in Glendale, California. This special collection of messages will strengthen your faith and help you to grow closer to Christ by abiding in His word. Discs include: Our Failure, God’s Success VF-1773; Sermon on the Amount VF-1786; ADHAESIT: Adhere to the Word of God VF-1799; Forgiveness: What God Has Made Possible VF-1802; In Prison for a Purpose VF-1810; Gideon Embodies This Church VF-1862; Giving: Spiritual Warfare of a Different Kind VF-1972; Healing of Sickness, Disease and Spirit VF-1995; Remembering the Man of God VF-2016; Tharsei: Christ’s Call to Courage VF-2039; The Truest Meaning of Christmas: Our Kinsman Redeemer VF-2060; Christ’s Value of the Soul VF-2066.