10th Anniversary 12 DVD Set


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Product type: DVD

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FOR TEN YEARS, PASTOR MELISSA SCOTT has taught faith-inspiring lessons from every corner of the Bible. This special collection of 12 messages, honoring a decade of teaching God’s Word, rightly divided, will offer encouragement and give guidance as we walk by faith. Discs include:

The With-Us God VF-1509
The Rhema of God in Your Life VF-1591
Who Has Fascinated You? VF-1625
Hearing, Listening and Obedience VF-1713
In Heaviness, Rejoicing VF-1746
I Will Make You Fishers of Men VF-1813
Forgive: Take it to The Cross VF-1853
God Prepares VF-1860
Quicken Me Lord VF-1874
Today, Hear His Voice VF-1903
My Goel Lives VF-1944
Martin Luther: Courage to Stand for Christ VF-1947