Nehemiah: Man's Place in God's Plan 26 DVD Set



Nehemiah - The complete set of 26 individual DVDs (contained in two binders) purchased together at a deep discount.

DVDs also sold separately, please click on the VF# below:

VF-2019 The Spirit of Nehemiah: Restoration of God’s Ways

VF-2017 God's House Will Be Respected

VF-2016 Remembering the Man of God

VF-2015 The Privilege of Service

VF-2013 Why on Earth Does God Forgive?

VF-2012 Jephthah: A Reject Raised Up by God

VF-2011 God Raised Us Up for a Purpose

VF-2010 God Will Fight for You

VF-2008 Put God's House First

VF-2007 The Gift of God's Spirit

VF-2006 The God of Forgivenesses

VF-2005 The Lesson of the Manna

VF-2004 God Holds Up His Word

VF-2003 Abraham: A Heart Faithful Towards God

VF-2002 The Joy of the LORD Is Your Strength

VF-2001 The Understanding That Comes from God

VF-2000 God Called You

VF-1999 God's in Control

VF-1998 God Has a Plan and You Are in It

VF-1997 You Count for God

VF-1996 Building for God Is a Battle

VF-1994 The Fear of God

VF-1993 Get Up and Build

VF-1992 The Gospel in the Gates

VF-1991 Concern for God's Work

VF-1990 God's Person and the Burden they Carry