Dr. Gene Scott - August 2021 "The Battle is the Lord's" 2-DVD Commemorative Set



In all of the battles of the Bible, the important lesson to learn is: The Battle is the Lord's.  In this 2-disc set learn how God will win your battles and protect you for your faith.

Disc 1: Gideon: Whom the Lord Calls, He Enables  May 21, 1978  LF-0097

This teaching on Gideon, shows how God will work His will through faulty and frail humans. Dr. Scott emphasizes that God's written record of the past is pertinent for us today.    Hebrews 11; Judges 6, 7  

Disc 2: We are God's Hidden Ones  May 4, 1980  VF-0185

Psalm 83:3 ~ They have taken crafty counsel against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones.

If you, as the threats come, and as the storm clouds gather, and as the rain comes down, if you can stare all that in the face and say, "God's Word says I am being hid", then you have grabbed hold of the essence of faith.  Psalm 83:3